Community Conversations

FairMapsVA Community Conversations

Every Wednesday at 7pm we hosted a webinar on Amendment 1 featuring guests from different backgrounds and interest groups discussing why you should Vote Yes on 1. Catch up on any of the webinars below!

October 21st – Reformers for Amendment 1, Terrance Carroll, the former Democratic Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives and State Director at Unite America and Elisa Ortiz, the Managing Director of the Campaign Accelerator for RepresentUs

October 14th – Women for Amendment 1, Deb Wake, President of the League of Women Voters of Virginia and Katie Fahey, Executive Director of The People who successfully lead redistricting reform movement in Michigan

October 7th – National Redistricting Experts for Amendment 1, Kathay Feng, National Redistricting Director for Common Cause and Yurij Rodensky, Redistricting Counsel for the Brennan Center for Justice

September 30th – “How Will Amendment 1 Affect Black and Brown Communities?” Vickie Williams-Cullins, lifelong voting rights advocate from Hampton, Phillip Thompson, Executive Director of the National Black Nonpartisan Redistricting Organization and Bobby Vassar, Former Chief Counsel to the US House Subcommittee on Crime

September 23rd – Progressives for Amendment 1, Delegate Sam Rasoul (D-11) and former Delegate Michael Futrell (D-2)

September 16th – Academics for Amendment 1, Prof. Rebecca Green of William and Mary Law, Asst. Prof. Alex Keena of VCU Political Science and Asst. Prof. Nick Goedert of VT Political Science

It's time to change Virginia's Redistricting

There's a better way to draw fair districs.

The commission will end unfair laws.

By voting to support the amendment, Virginians will finally create a fair and inclusive process that will replace our outdated and discriminatory laws. This will ensure that legislative district lines are drawn fairly and do not favor one party over the other.

The commission will be led by citizens.

Politicians will no longer have free rein to choose whoever they want to represent. It’s time to put people over politicians by including citizens in the process for the first time, and having a citizen serve as chair of the commission itself.

The commission will protect civil rights.

Historic voting rights protections for minority communities will be added to the Virginia Constitution for the first time. In fact, Justin Levitt, a former Obama administration Justice Department official said that the "amendment requires adherence to the Voting Rights Act … and then goes beyond.""

The commission will be transparent.

Instead of shady backroom deals, the new system will be completely transparent to voters and watchdogs. Public meetings will be held across Virginia, with all data and notes from the meetings being completely open to the public